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SZ Crossing (Saionara) ENail Kit Classic w/ 30mm Quartz Banger & Bubble Carb Cap

SZ Crossing (Saionara) ENail Kit Classic w/ 30mm Quartz Banger & Air-Flow Bubble Carb Cap (14mm Male Joint)

Model :  Enail
Style : Temperature control heater box
Heating Coil : Includes 30mm Banger Coil. Compatible with SZ Crossing 20mm, 16mm, 10mm barrel coils, or 9mm flat coil - or 30mm Banger Coil.
Wattage: 150w
Voltage : 90-220v
Temperature adjustable: 0°F~1200°F
Control box size: 88 x 38 x 122mm (3.46 x 1.50 x 4.80 in)
PID : single digital screen
Connector : 5pin xlr
Quartz Banger 14mm Male 30mm Dish with Locking Pin
Material: stainless steel, Aluminium alloy
Color: Black
Package: Leather case
Weight: 1.2kg

1 enail controller box
1 quartz banger 30mm 14mm male joint (NEW Opaque Quartz Banger now included - does not fit nor include 'insert' but provides better performance) w/ & retention clip
1 charging cord
1 heating cord
1 glass bubble air-flow carb cap

We highly recommend using both the metal clip AND a 'High Temp O-Ring Banger Hook' to seccurely connect your banger to your heater coil - . Please also note that we carry replacement 30mm parts from two brands that are, for the most part, interchangeable - see SZ Crossing (Saionara) brand 30mm pieces as well as High Five Vape pieces as they are both excellent options.

NOTE: It seems that the SZ Crossing / Saionara 30mm Quartz E-Banger Part/Set is very much compatible and interchangeable with the High Five Vape 30mm Quartz E-Banger Parts/Set (the E-Bangers and parts all seem to fit each other's Heater Coils and Lock pins and Carb-Cap and even the SZ Crossing / Saionara Quartz Insert Dish seems to fit the High Five E-Banger while it doesn't seem to reliably fit the new SZ Crossing / Saionara Opaque banger included herein). While of course we can't 100% guarantee compatibility, they seem virtually identical and totally compatible from our experimentation and experience (the only thing NOT seemingly compatible is the electrical pin configuration between Heater Coil and E-Nail Control Box - compatibility refers to the quartz parts).

The coiled heater included in this kit is wired for 120 watts and is 5ft long. The coil uses a 5PIN Female XLR connector. SZ Crossing coils are solely meant to be used with SZ Crossing Enails. NEVER use SZ Crossing coils with enails from other brands doing so can cause a potentially dangerous situation due to different wiring and will void the warranty, NEVER use coils from other brands with SZ Crossing enails either, of course.

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