TestKitPlus Cocaine Purity Test Kit 1/pack Single Test Pack

TestKitPlus Cocaine Purity Test Kit 1/pack Single Test Pack


TestKitPlus Cocaine Purity Test Kit 1/pack Single Test Pack



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TestKitPlus Cocaine Purity Test Kit 1/pack Single Test Pack

Product Description
Use the Cocaine Purity Test Kit to get a good idea about the purity of your cocaine. It is surprisingly accurate and only requires a very small sample. You only need 20 mg of cocaine.

Simply compare the test result with the color chart included with the kit to find out how pure your cocaine really is.

See attached Image of the Difference in Purity of Cocaine Samples

The results from the tests done above can be read as follows:
The first ampoule (where the bottom layer is almost like coffee) was a 90% pure sample and is worth 5 stars.
The second ampoule was a 70% pure sample and gets 4 stars.
The third ampoule was a 60% pure sample and gets 3 to 4 stars.
The fourth ampoule was a 50% pure sample (very common to find on the streets) and tests between 2 and 3 stars.
The last ampoule has almost no cocaine in it. It does not reach one star purity (it was a 10% pure sample).
No brown color at all means little to no cocaine: less than 10%.

Cocaine Purity Test Kit Includes
1 cocaine purity test
1 spatula
Instruction sheet

Please use only 20 mg (a small amount) of your sample. If you use too much, the results will be skewed! When comparing different samples, test using the same quantity from each. You can use the materials that come with the kit to help you get the right amount. However, for best results, use a scale to weigh the exact amount of powder.

Test samples from different sources at the same time, so that you can more easily compare results. Take pictures of the test results under the same lighting and with the same camera. Use the pictures to compare with results from future tests.

Cocaine Cuts
This test does not tell you anything about the adulterants that were used to cut the sample. To test for dangerous substances that may have been added to your cocaine, use the Cocaine Cuts Test Kit.

Cocaine Purity Test Instruction Video: http://testkitplus.com/wp-content/uploads/videos/cocaine-mdma-purity-test.mp4

No drug (whether legal or illegal) is completely safe, we recommend avoiding all recreational drug use.

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