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TightVac 0.06L Pocket Airtight Plastic Smell-Resistant Container

TightVac 0.06L Pocket Airtight Plastic Smell-Resistant Container

The Perfect Travel Vac Storage Container
The Pocket-Sized TightVac easily fits into your pocket or purse and is just the coolest little Vac! Great for Prescription medications, Vitamins, Cosmetics travel, Homeopathic medicines, Herbs and Spices, such as saffron. Jewelry, electronics, accessories such as headphones all stay clean and sealed for up to 1 year!

The ultimate purse size storage container... Ladies, it's crush resistant!

Dimensions: 3" tall x 1 - 5/8"diameter (7.6 cm x 4 cm - exactly 1/2 the size of the Minivac)
Capacity: .5 oz / .06 Liter / 14g
Recommended Uses: Vitamins, Advil PM - 40 coated caplets, Kroger Aspirin - 100 coated caplets, Prescription drugs, Homeopathic medicines, Herbs & Spices, Tea, Triple AAA batteries - 8 count, 50 Multi Size Safety pins, 2.5 oz. Small Nails, Jewelry/rings/bracelets/earrings
TightVac food storage containers are BPA-free.

Available color combinations include:
Solid Black Base with Solid Black Cap
Solid White Base with Solid White Cap
Solid Black Base with Solid Blue Cap
Solid Black Base with Solid Red Cap
Transparent Clear Base with Solid Black Cap
Transparent Clear Base with Solid Blue Cap
Transparent Clear Base with Solid Red Cap
Transparent Black Pearl Base with Transparent Black Pearl Cap
Transparent Cobalt Blue Base with Transparent Cobalt Blue Cap
Transparent Emerald Green Base with Transparent Emerald Green Cap


Are the Vacs smell proof?

The Tightvac patented system is able to preserve goods for 1 year and beyond by allowing products to breath and degas.  Almost all food goods are smell proof inside the Vacs , however some products like freshly roasted coffee and MEDICAL HERBS may degas, leaking their odor. Our 2 way valve allows gas build up to slowly escape – without letting oxygen in. This is one of the main reasons it can preserve goods for long periods of time.

Note:  Medical herbs that are sticky & smelly we recommend using a strong zip lock bag or for a more serious situation a Reynolds oven bag inside the Vac. This helps contain the smell and keeps the area clean where the body and the cap meet. This is essential to create a smell proof situation. The sticky resin often created by these products can compromise the open and close system, causing the caps to crack when opening and closing under such pressure of a glue like substance. Keep these areas free from resin buildup. Use a product like GRUNGE OFF. Thus maximizing the efficiency of use and longevity of the Vacs.

Note:  For longer term storage we recommend using a moisture disc as the Vacs tend to dry products out over time. This is one of the reasons the Vacs are able to preserve goods for so long.

Is the Tightvac patented system easy to use? How does it work?

Yes - To open simply push the press button on the cap, and pull the cap off. To close, push the press button, no need to pump, push cap down onto the body and with this motion the cap volume of air is eliminated, creating a vacuum seal, it’s that simple!

Is this a vacuum sealed container?

The United States patent office granted us a patent on a vacuum container – Our Vacs create a partial vacuum – The same volume of air as the cap is removed and for human purposes this is enough to keep most goods fresh and edible for long periods of time. For the engineers out there technically speaking there is no vacuum until the cap is pulled upward without pressing the button. Either way the Vacs still keep goods fresher for longer. This reality is why globally we are the # 1 Container in the smoke industry having sold over 10 million Vacs without advertising.

No batteries or electricity required!

Is it moisture and oxygen free?

Yes the Tightvac patented system keeps moisture and oxygen out – these elements cannot enter the container unless you decide to take the cap off.

Are the Vacs durable? How long will they last?

Yes the Vacs are made with NSF & FDA approved PS # 6, this plastic is very strong. If properly cared for the Vacs can easily last for 10 years. These days shipping methods are very rough, packages being thrown, automated systems dropping huge parcels on top of smaller ones. If your Vac arrives damaged please report this IMMEDIATELY UPON RECIEPT for a part or full replacement.

My cap seems loose?

We offer 10 different sizes and 3 styles of Vacs – Solid – Clear and Tint. Often a Solid & Tint Vac will have a slightly looser fitting cap then a clear model. It is a misconception that a tighter fitting cap is working better or holding more of a seal.  Loose caps function just as well and will tighten with time and use.

How should I clean the Vacs?

Hand wash only - Use mild or natural cleaners. Do not microwave or put in dishwasher. Always keep the interior of the cap and the top of the container clean. This will ensure easy open and closure.

Stock # 13865 Matrix of Colors
 Stock # 17904 Black / Black
 Stock # 17905 Black / Blue
 Stock # 17906 Black / Red
 Stock # 17907 Clear / Black
 Stock # 17908 Clear / Blue
 Stock # 17909 Clear / Red
 Stock # 17910 Cobalt Blue
 Stock # 17911 Emerald Green
 Stock # 17912 Pearl Black
 Stock # 17913 White / White