True Terpenes 0.5ml Sample Size - Choice of Strains / Flavors

True Terpenes 0.5ml Sample Size - Choice of Strains / Flavors


True Terpenes


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True Terpenes 0.5ml Sample Size - Choice of Strains / Flavors

Blue Dream is a west coast strain that crosses Blueberry Indica with Haze (Sativa) to create a Sativa-dominant hybrid. This popular strain is great for daytime use as it delivers a calming, creative euphoria but without a sedative effect.
EFFECTS: Having a rough day? This strain is popular for elevating your mood. Also known for creating a euphoric, cerebral and energizing feeling.
FRAGRANCE: Sweet Berry, Earthy

This heavy Indica, otherwise known as the Blue Cheese, has a sweet aroma of blueberry and notes of savoury cheese. The distinct flavours in this terpene delivers relaxation and euphoria.
EFFECTS: Muscle relief, Relaxation, Sedation, Couch-lock
FRAGRANCE: Aromatic, Cheese, Funk, Savoury

The Blue Zkittles terpene takes the calming, floral and tart citrus blend of Blue Diamon and Zkittles strains and adds a burts of blue raspberry for a calming effect.
EFFECTS: Calming
FRAGRANCE: Blue Raspberry

This Dogwalker OG terpene is a combination of Sativa and Indica. It's a potent combination of the Albert Walker OG and Chemdawg 91 and is quite popular amongst the OG family.
It possesses a strong but radiating calm which will allow you to focus and provide you with the ultimate in deep relaxation. 
This terpene is fast-acting and has a woodsy and earthy fragrance, powered by a diesel and skunky flavour.
EFFECTS: A calming and relaxing effect which radiates throughout the body.
FRAGRANCE: Diesel, Pine, Spicy and Earthy fragrance

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) originated in California as a hybrid of Durban Poison and OG Kush. GSC has a sweet, earthy, pungent aroma and is described as giving feelings of happiness, soothing, creativity, and euphoria.
Fragrance: Floral, earth, spicy, sweet, pine
Effect: Joyful, euphoric, creative, quite spacey

Gorilla Glue #4 - This award-winning hybrid strain is a potent and also an Indica dominant. GG#4 is a pungent, earthy aroma that provides a happy and heavy relaxation. The offspring of Chem's Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel will leave you melted on the couch.
EFFECTS: Full body relaxation and full on couch lock. This strain is also euphoric and relaxing.
FRAGRANCE: Pine, Fuel, and Earthy

The Granddaddy Purple (Grand-Daddy Purps a.k.a. GDP) terpene with deep purple blooms is an Indica originating from California. It's also a mix between Big Bud and Purple Urkle.
This powerful, grape and berry flavoured strain provide both a euphoric and relaxing experience. Patients also describe feeling happy, hungry and sleepy.
EFFECTS: Euphoria and physical relaxation, Tiredness and Hungry have been used to describe this terpene.
FRAGRANCE: Earthy, Floral and Sweet

Indica Blend - This blend was developed from strains known for having a sedative, relaxing yet heavy effect. Looking for the couch lock effect? This is your strain.
This terpene was developed with a combination of strains that produce a sedative and relaxing feeling. Are you looking for a "couch lock" effect? This is the terpene profile for you!
EFFECTS: Full-body couch lock effect, Bliss, Relaxation, Sedation
FRAGRANCE: Earthy, Woodsy and Sweet

Lemon Drop TERP Flavor leads the way with the heavy tart, sour notes of its namesake lemon, but pine, lavender and molasses tones round out the taste. Perfect for anytime of day.
TERP Flavors are an effects-rich terpene base combined with a variety of other aromatic compounds. Lemon Drop TERP Flavor is terpene enhanced to deliver a HYBRID effect.

As the name suggests, Lemon Skunk has an aroma of citrus lemon and skunk derived from especially zesty Skunk phenotypes. Almost instantly uplifting and energizing, yet soothing.
Fragrance: Citrus, skunk, sweet, sour
Effect: Energizing, sociable, uplifting

Northern Lights is one of the most popular cultivars in cannabis history. It’s thought to be a cross of the landrace varieties Thai and Afghani. Terpinolene leads the way giving this profile a pine, fuel punch.
Fragrance: Fuel, pine and musky notes make up Northern Lights
Effect: Northern Lights puts you in the mode to unwind

The OG Kush is a hybrid strain with distinct earthy, pine, and woodsy aroma. It is known for producing relaxing and euphoric-like effects.
This strain has created additional varieties - SFV OG, Alpha OG, and Tahoe OG - just to name a few.
EFFECTS: Attention, Motivation, Drive, and Improves focus
FRAGRANCE: Earth, Pine, Wood

Citrusy and sweet, the Orange Cookies terpene is a flavourful hybrid strain that delivers the ultimate relaxation with uplifting happy feelings. 
Orange Juice and Girl Scout Cookies equate to Orange Cookies, a freshly-scented strain.
EFFECTS: Uplifting, Creative, Relaxed
FRAGRANCE: Citrus, Sweet, Piney and Orange

The Strawberry Shortcake terpene is an Indica strain that takes the relaxed happiness of a Chronic, White Widow and Cheese Heavyweight hybrid blend and turns it up with ripe strawberry & cream.
EFFECTS: Happy & Relaxed
FRAGRANCE: Strawberry & Cream

The Superglue terpene is a softened mix of Northern Lights and the Afghani terpene profile. It's been described as having happy, uplifting yet creative effects that are both calming and relaxing. It also has a lovely earthy and woodsy aroma you will love! 
EFFECTS: Calm and focused effects. Comparable to that of drinking a nice matcha tea.
FRAGRANCE: Citrus, Caramel-like notes, Pine

Trainwreck - A northern California favourite, this strain is an extremely powerful Sativa.
Fast-acting yet euphoric effects produce an earthy, pungent, pine flavour that will provide you feelings of relaxation, creativity and happiness.
EFFECTS: Feel a rush of adrenaline from the soothing sensation the Trainwreck terpene provides. It will leave you feeling oh-so-happy, relaxed and inspired - all at the same time.
FRAGRANCE: Pine, Floral and Earthy

WHAT'S IN THE BOTTLE: Nothing but 100% terpenes.


Terpenes need to be diluted before use for flavour and effect. 1-5% x total volume (eg. 2 drops per gram).
These terpenes are oil soluble and mix great with coconut oil, plant extracts and more. Strain specific terpenes can be made as a drink. Recommended servings 1-2 drops per 300-500ml of purified H2O. Drink normally. They can also be added to food recipes, bath water, cleaning and beauty products - plus more!

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