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V12 Glass Twisty-Like Mini Blunt Kit Choice of Colors

V12 Glass Twisty-Like Mini Blunt Kit 30373 Choice of Colors

This mini version of the twisty blunt is 3.5" and still holds a huge amount of herb!

(V12 Mini Twisty Glass Blunt)

510 thread replaceable glass mouthpiece
Portable and Pocket Size: 86mm x 15mm
Unique new style twisty blunt
Mass storage of grinded herb blend
Cool Pull technology gives you a smooth hit.

The screw cools down smoke by doubling the length of the smoke path, giving the augur more time to absorb heat. The heat sink and path lengthening properties of the screw contribute to a 30% cooler hit.

Fresh hits all day long!

Archimedes would be smiling from his grave for our clever use of his screw. Just turn the mouthpiece and fresh herbs are pushed forward, ready for glorious combustion.

PLEASE NOTE: We CAN NOT 'vouch' for these 'copycat' products (while the world is, of course, full of 'copycats', we know, we know). Please do your own due diligence regarding the relative 'safety' of these products - purchase at your own risk - we cannot assume ANY responsibility nor liability for these products - We primarily feature (and recommend that you purchase instead) the 'Original' / 'Authentic' Twisty Glass Blunt by 7Pipe available (at a much higher price) for those who are happy to pay for the guaranteed authentic version! Please see (by ERROR for example) our full collection of spiral / screw blunt pipes by brands such as 7Pipe, 'OG / NoName', Two Hoots and V12.

Stock # 30373 Matrix of Colors