Vivant Incendio Box Mod Power Supply / Battery 510-Thread 5000mAh w/ Temperature Control

Vivant Incendio Box Mod Power Supply / Battery 510-Thread 5000mAh w/ Temperature Control


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Vivant Incendio Box Mod Power Supply / Battery 510-Thread 5000mAh w/ Temperature Control

Featuring an ultra-large 5000mAh internal battery within a compact design allowing for a remarkably long-lasting battery life at any power setting. The Incendio battery also features a standard 510-threaded connector making it compatible with other atomizers. The device has 2 settings: VW Mode and e-Nail Mode allowing you a customizable option of how you want to use your device.In e-Nail Mode, you can adjust your desired temperature directly and just wait 10 seconds to heat up. Then you can enjoy amazing vaping experience.

Incendio Power Supply is made to work with Incendio Wax Vape Tank and Glass Water Filter - Available separately - Build your kit!

Incendio Kit has the temperature control function. You can easily adjust your desired temperature directly in e-Nail Mode. Just wait 10 seconds to heat up then you can enjoy your 50-second stable temperature dabbing experience.
Tip: Do not use continuously for optimal temperature control.


Incendio (full kit, sold separately) is an e-Nail Kit that contains the only tank where the heating element and the outside chamber is made of all glass. It also comes with a powerful battery and a glass water filter.  More specially, the tank is powered by Firecore™ - a revolutionary heat source using an electrical trace placed inside an SiO2 cup, allowing for an all silica glass surface to vaporize material cleanly producing an incredible pure flavor and a smooth vaping experience.

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