Volcano (Storz&Bickel) Classic Vaporizer w/ Easy Valve - One of Our Top-Rated Vaporizers!

Volcano (Storz&Bickel) Classic Vaporizer w/ Easy Valve - One of Our Top-Rated Vaporizers! Sale



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Storz-Bickel Volcano Classic Vaporizer w/ Easy Valve - One of Our Top-Rated Vaporizers!

We've been told many times at THC that we hook more people up with Volcano Vaporizers than anyone else does... and there's a good reason for that! From its beginning we have excitedly supported and hyped this world-changing technology because it truly is the ultimate vaporizer! It's the one everyone wants, the one that most Vapor Lounges appreciate and provide most - it's the original and somehow still stands above the rest! There might be less expensive options, and there are certainly much more portable ones, but you really can't go wrong with a Volcano!

Keep in mind that if you aren't totally sure which vaporizer is right for you, then you can always pay a quick visit to our next-door Vapor Lounge: Vapor Central (www.vaporcentral.com)! Pay a few bucks for a 'Day Pass', then have a seat and enjoy some side-by-side vaporization experimentation! For medical Cannabis users, Vapor Central is an amazing venue for socialization and entertainment, as well as the ability to try out various vaporizing units and options!

We apologize, but no additional discounts or promotional codes may be applied to our rock-bottom Volcano vaporizer and accessory pricing! These prices are as low as we can possibly go!

PLEASE NOTE: The makers of Volcano have (finally) begun to listen to retailers who have been complaining about extremely unfair pricing practices, and one of their solutions is that we are now bound by a "Minimum Advertised Pricing" policy that forces us to never price our Storz&Bickel vaporizers lower than the prices that you  see here. People are allowed to sell them for more, and many do, but not for less than our prices. This means that anyone who is selling/advertising these products for any less than the prices we are charging here is NOT authorized to sell these products and is therefore likely either selling counterfeit or refurbished products, or products that are otherwise not 'right' nor covered by warranty.

"The well-known VOLCANO CLASSIC equipped with the new innovative EASY VALVE Starter Set, which features an optimized filling chamber. Valve balloons and mouthpieces are maintenance-free and always connected ready to use.

Delivery includes
1 pc. VOLCANO CLASSIC hot air generator, 5 pcs. EASY VALVE balloon, 1 pc. filling chamber, 1 pc. normal screen set, 1 pc. air filter set, 1 pc. liquid pad, 1 pc. cleaning brush, 1 pc. herb mill and 1 pc. instructions for use."

Our "How to choose a new vaporizer" and Vaporization Information page: http://torontohemp.com/pages/vapor-central

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