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WENEED Babel Rig 10" Tall 7mm Thick Circ Perc w/ 19mm Bowl Choice of Color

WENEED Babel Rig 10" Tall 7mm Thick Circ Perc w/ 19mm Bowl Choice of Color

10″ WENEED Chrome Babel Rig

Premium Borosilicate Glass
Height: 10″
Built-in Circ Perculator
Thickness: 7mm
Joint: 19mm (aka 18mm)
Comes with a bowl piece (may not be exactly as pictured)
Colors (Blue, Brown, Green, Pink)


Stock # 37426 Matrix of Colors
 Stock # 37427 Blue
 Stock # 37428 Brown
 Stock # 37429 Green
 Stock # 37430 Pink (Clear Pink)