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XVape Fog Vaporizer "100% Convection"

XVape Fog Vaporizer "100% Convection"

The XVAPE Fog is a 100% convection vaporizer that fits easily in the palm of your hand. It delivers a sense of luxury and steadiness with an all aluminum body. However, the most amazing part lies in its vapor quality. The goodness from your herbs is volatized by hot air from the numerous tiny holes at the bottom without directly contacting the materials like conduction vaporizers. The XVAPE Fog also follows the same design of the XMAX Starry in its mouthpiece for the greatest purity of flavor. When the vapor passes through its robust zirconia mouthpiece, what you get is comfortable, flavor-rich and clean taste. With dual functionality for both aromatic blends and concentrates, this unit is all you'll ever need to remain in the clouds!

This anodized aluminum constructed vaporizer has a stainless-steel heating chamber and a Jewelry-grade ceramic mouthpiece. The Fog has a warm, premium feel and contains no plastic parts that will interfere with the flavor of your material.

The Fog can be operated with a single button which allows you to adjust the temperature and to switch the device on and off. The Fog offers five preset temperatures (180°C - 220°C/356°F - 428°F).

Each temperature ?setting is displayed by the five ?green LED lights ?located on the side of the unit. When one light is blinking, it is heating up to the lowest temperature. When the light turns solid, it has reached that temperature. The higher four temperatures work in the same way.

The lower three temperatures deliver more flavor, while the higher two temperatures give you more robust vapor density (and also good for vaping concentrates). The powerful Samsung 18650 battery and hybrid heating is able to heat your material quickly enough to get a good draw ?within 30 to 40 seconds. In a single session, you'll be able to get at least ten draws. Best results are achieved by taking longer, slower draws - you'll be rewarded with amazing clouds of vapor.

Included in the package is stainless-steel concentrate pad, which is easily inserted into the heating chamber to convert the Fog from herb to concentrate vaping.

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