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Yo Dabba Dabba Terp Pearls Quartz Terp Beads / Spheres 2pk

Yo Dabba Dabba Terp Pearls Quartz Terp Beads / Spheres 2pk (from 50/jar)

These Terp Pearls effortlessly transform mediocre draws into pure, potent, mouth-watering hits.

Now the world really is your oyster, thanks to these Terp Pearls from Yo Dabba Dabba. A major innovation, these gems are one of the hottest accessories on the market right now. 6mm-thick and made from premium quality quartz, these dab pearls are an affordable way to improve the distribution of heat inside your banger, leading to better flavors and stronger hits. As Jackie Kennedy once said, “pearls are always appropriate”, and clearly none more so than these beauties from the concentrate connoisseurs and flavor chasers at Yo Dabba Dabba.

A convenient way to upgrade your banger so it delivers the same thermal properties and lasting quality of a more expensive piece, these Terp Pearls have been specifically designed to draw out maximum terpenes from your concentrates. Get intensely tasty draws however you dab; even if you love vaping large globs at low temperatures.

Keep the pearls inside your banger while torching and get them spinning with a Directional Airflow Carb Cap so they can get to doing what they do best: evenly dispersing your concentrates at their ideal dabbing temperatures for purer, cooler, smoother, tastier and more potent draws.

Pearls don’t lie on the seashore. If you want one, you’ve got to dive for it. So, don’t let mild, humdrum dabs get you down. Enhance your vapes with a pack of Terp Pearls from Yo Dabba Dabba. Easier than diving for actual pearls, just choose how many you’d like and add to your cart today for tastier dabs tomorrow!

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