Yocan Evolve / Pandon Accessory - Ceramic Donut Coil - 1/pack

Yocan Evolve Pen Vaporizer for Concentrates - Ceramic Donut Coil - ALSO FIT Pandon




Yocan Evolve / Pandon Pen Vaporizer for Concentrates - Ceramic Donut Coil - FIT Evolve AND Pandon

Yocan was wise enough to make the Pandon work with the same coils that the Evolve uses - they are the identical coil, whether they choose to put the word 'Evolve' or 'Pandon' or both on the package. Thank you, Yocan.

These coils come WITHOUT coil-caps, which are sold separately.

PLEASE NOTE: "Evolve" and "Evolve Plus" (etc.) parts and pens are different items and not interchangeable - please carefully select the correct accessories/parts to match your specific vaporizer (Evolve parts for Evolve Pens, Evolve Plus parts for Evolve Plus pens, etc.)

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