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Zen Rolling Machine Plastic Roller - 110mm King Size

Zen Rolling Machine Plastic Roller - 110mm King Size

Fits KS (King Size)
Acrylic roller

Effortless by design
Zen® Cigarette Rolling Machines and Zen® Automatic Roll Boxes help you get the job done quicker and give smokers a perfectly rolled cigarette every time.

Easy to operate
We use soft coated aprons that prevent ripping, never stretch and are much easier to use than traditional aprons on all of our rollers.

Built with earth friendly materials
Zen® Cigarette Rolling Machines are made using high-strength polystyrene, which we use for its durability and minimal impact on our environment.
Zen® Automatic Roll Boxes have a durable, polished metal case with a protective coating to reduce susceptibility to scratches.

Proven durability since 1998
We use only high-quality materials in Zen® Rollers, so your rolling machine will work for much longer than cheap alternatives.

All smokers can enjoy the Art of Smoking
We created a wide variety of cigarette rolling machines and automatic rolling boxes to fit the needs of every type of smoker.

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